The New electric Hyaluron Pen
Innovation in Aesthetic
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Beauty without pain and bruises
We are presenting an innovative device for cosmetic treatments — HYALURON PEN. Now during beauty treatments, your clients will forget that injections deal pain and cause inconvenience in the form of bruises and swelling.

The system of injection-free administration of fillers, biorevitalizants and meso-cocktails will not only provide your skin with freshness and youth, but will also provide comfort during the process of carrying out the treatment and will also get rid of post- injection complications.
The Device is an optimal solution for clients with sensitive skin that is inclined to getting scars and hematomas.
Pain free
HYALURON PEN is a method of carrying out a procedure
In which case can be used?
Hyaluron pen can be effectively used in the following treatment procedures
Contour plasty of wrinkles by fillers based on hyaluronic acid
Augmentation of lips
Mesotherapy and biorevitalization
Modelinh face contour
With the help of hyaluron pen it is possible to easily and quickly inject these substances under the skin
drugs for lifting
The device has a special piston with a spring, which provide a uniform and quick administration of drugs that are being used. The microscopic hole, through which cocktails and biorevitalizants are injected under the skin, is twice smaller than the diameter of the needle used for injections.
How does work?
While administering cosmetic substances by HYALURON PEN, drugs are absorbed and distributed under the skin much better in comparison with simple injections made by a basic needle.
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